by The Busy Nothing

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released May 27, 2016

Recorded live in Sean's living room.
Mixed and mastered in Christian's bedroom.

Bennett Coltman - Percussion
Sean Byrne - Viola
Christian Watson - Vocals, Guitar

Words and music by Christian Watson.



all rights reserved


The Busy Nothing Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Part II
Track Name: Smiling Eyes
About a thousand, miles, back to Ohio from this town,
But on my feet, I’ve, brought walking shoes this time around.
They don’t let the rain in, or so they say,
Just like how you say, the smile’s really in the eyes…

Rip them out of my head now, with my blood and your lies,
Rip them out of my head now, because they never seem to dry,
Rip them out of my head now, as you cower behind a cross.

You say the bay is, full, of dirty rotten sand,
But my eyes, are full, of gazing at your hands.
Was I so blind, for you, that I couldn’t see the signs,
Stumbling aimlessly, for you, as Jesus laughs behind.
I guess His plan is unforgiving, or so they say,
Just like how you say, the smile's really in the eyes...

I'd serve for seven, years, or another if you please,
Working long, years, to prove that I'm sincere.
Blister my hands, and soul, in Laban's lonely field,
Failing to fight, for you, with my helmet sword and shield
Fear not for I am with you, or so He says
Just like how you say, the smile’s really in the eyes…

Go and define, love, I know it’s not what you had in mind,
But in that night, love, I had nothing left to find.
Go and affix, my, heart to a broken pole,
And show your, friends, what the best for you has stole.
You know actions they are louder, than words they say,
Just like how you say, the smile’s really in the eyes…
Track Name: Meet My Friend
Remember the snow we traveled through,
Where my feet they froze but my heart was whole.
You said that heart I feel this too,
But I guess the brain can kill the soul.

Meet my friend, she doesn't like things,
Meet my friend she's at the door.

Remember the time we were under the light,
Where the dust it shone bright and warm.
You said this dust it looks like snow,
You don’t know snow where you’re from.

Remember the place we found in the wood,
Where a river fell straight from the sky.
You said the river’s sad to be alone,
You don’t know sadness in this life.

Remember the time we walked down the pier,
Where my smile was full and nothing could fall.
You say that smile, it won’t last for long,
Because all mayflowers come to fall.
Track Name: Snow
My shoulders aren’t old enough yet to hold this heavy weight
I crumple and fall and scrape my knees
Alone on the tarmac with no one to break my fall
Like a child without a home

My phone is in my hand but my heart is not at home
Looking out the window wishing it would snow

A thousand puzzle pieces is not so bad when split in two
But what if I, lost a few
The Eiffel tower will not stand without its roots
Or a, few funny holes where the table pokes through…


One foot is in my home and one is right outside
I’ll make an excuse to stop your crying
But this is what I hide and this is what I know
I’m really afraid to go out in the snow
In the snow…

Track Name: Learning to Read
No one waits when the weather stops but the bluebirds in the north
But I could wait for the girl that comes when the summer is gone…

No one wants to write a hymn tune, for the time that we were sad,
But I could wait for the melodies to fall from the pouring sky…

If you could read a man, you would know I’m just afraid,
Too afraid to tell you why I’m hard to read.

No one would leave a perfect home, with just a few things out of touch,
But I could wait for the story I was promised when I was young…

No one with a brain would have waited for Spring, when Winter had just begun,
But I could wait for the girl that comes when the summer is gone…

Oh I know a place where the grass it grows high on the falls
Set back a ways in my mind where I could only crawl